Day Trip to Cincinnati.

As a somewhat spontaneous, last minute decision, Marty and I decided to take a day trip to Cincinnati. We figured it would be a great opportunity to visit with his brother Grant, stop at Ikea for a new bedspread and visit with my aunt for a couple of hours. Three birds with one stone. 

We left the house around ten this morning and headed down to pick up Grant. The three of us headed to Mt. Adams (a quaint little town overlooking downtown Cincinnati) and decided to eat lunch at the Mt. Adams Bar and Grille.

What a great selection! The establishment was full of character and really great food. I got the Southwestern Black Bean Veggie Burger. It was so tasty – the avocado literally melted in your mouth! Yum.

We then walked around Mt. Adams for a bit but it ended up being far too cold (and Marty didn’t have a jacket).

After leaving Mt. Adams, we said goodbye to Grant and headed to Ikea.

We picked out a really cute bedspread and some nice blankets. I’m really happy with them.

After our trip to Ikea, we headed to my aunt and uncles house and enjoyed a cup of coffee and almond cookies with them. And then it was back to Columbus (but not before stopping at Chipotle for a vegetarian bowl). A perfect end to a wonderful day.

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