thanksgiving (’11).

I’d say Thanksgiving (’11) was all in all a success. I woke up before Marty and covered the living room with post it notes describing the things I’m most thankful for (in relation to him). I placed the last one on his coffee cup in the kitchen (I’m thankful for…YOU) and then ran upstairs to wake him. I told him to go get his coffee while I got ready. He was excited to see the surprise šŸ™‚

Around ten, we headed over to my parents house and drove down to my aunts house in Cincinnati. It was a fun afternoon – we played Apples to Apples, drank red wine and had a delicious feast.

I might have devoured more stuffing and sweet potatoĀ casseroleĀ than necessary but I only indulged in a little bit of dessert (what is wrongĀ with me??) Can’t say that for everybody though…

Things That I’m Thankful For:

1. Above All Else -my relationship with God
2. Marty and our marriage
3. My family
4. My Xenos small group
5. The worship band at Life Community
6. My health
7. School
8. Delicious food šŸ™‚

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