breaking dawn: thoughts.

So, I went to see the new Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie last night. I have mixed opinions about the film and I’ll explain why…

1) I read the books a couple of years ago (I, too, was a crazy ‘Twi-Hard’ as some call it). I couldn’t get enough of Bella and Edward’s relationship. I thought the first book was so romantic and full of thrilling moments – truthfully, I couldn’t get enough. I read the first three books within a handful of days. That’s when I got to the fourth book.

The fourth book was different. I felt that with a bit of a stretch (okay, a lot of a stretch) of the imagination, you could imagine vampires, werewolves, and humans coexisting together. This was nothing too outrageous or something we hadn’t seen before….until….the pregnancy. Bella is pregnant with a half human/half vampire baby? The baby is killing her from the inside out? The werewolf ‘imprints’ on the vampire baby? This was just too much. Again, I said with a bit of a stretch, I could somewhat imagine the first three books occurring (yes, I have a vivid imagination) but this book was just shoddy writing.

It was Breaking Dawn that created my downward spiral of objection for the Twilight series. It was then that I started considering why a one hundred year old vampire would pursue a seventeen year old girl? Why would an author direct–what is obviously a lust-driven relationship–book towards an adolescent audience? Don’t teenage girls have enough to think about without lusting over some mock relationship?

These questions might be easily answered but nonetheless I still stand in objection…

So, why you ask, did I bother seeing the film? Well (besides the free movie ticket) I’d like to consider myself as a person that attempts not to judge too harshly without seeing what a book/movie is really about (I.E. I know several people that despise the Harry Potter series—yet, have never read a chapter).’

2) So, now that I’ve explained my pre-Breaking Dawn position, I’ll mention my attitude while screening the film….

While the first third of the movie was entertaining and enjoyable, I just felt that I couldn’t get over the pregnancy. I know – I know – I knew it was coming but I just expected it to be acted a bit differently, that’s all.

Other thoughts: The soundtrack to the film redeemed its worst parts (By the way- why did producers choose to use Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron and Wine? Doesn’t it have more to do with patriotism than love??), Kristen Stewart was a poor casting choice from the get go, Robert Pattinson is actually a decent actor outside of the Twilight films, the wedding scene was beautiful, I’d love to visit Rio de Janerio.

One a postive note, I’m really looking forward to seeing this with Loveletter Photography.

2 thoughts on “breaking dawn: thoughts.

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