The Right Place at the Right Time.

Being that the wedding is a mere week away; I thought it’d be fitting to share the story of when Marty and I first met.

It all started on July 31st, 2010. My family and I were enjoying dinner at Brio Tuscan Grille (the Polaris location) in celebration of my 22nd birthday. It must be noted that every year (for about four or five years), I celebrated my birthday by having dinner at Brio (the Easton location). Ironically, it was this year that my family couldn’t reserve a table at Easton (there are about 15 of us that go out to celebrate), so we settled for the Polaris location instead. Little did anyone know that this was the night I’d meet my future husband.

Anyways, towards the end of dinner, I began talking with my cousins and didn’t realize that the waiter had come over to wish me a “Happy Birthday”. When Michelle (my sister) brought this to my attention, I felt a pull to go apologize to him. I felt bad that I hadn’t heard him and, for some reason, I wanted to say I was sorry for not hearing him. One thing that you have to realize (when looking back at the night) is that I’m not typically very confident. This was something I’d never done and it was on a rare occasion that I’d ever approached a guy that way.

After everyone had begun to leave, I walked up to the waiter and apologized for not hearing him. He was surprised that I would apologize for such a thing but, nonetheless, thought it was kind of her to do so. He introduced himself as Martin and the two quickly realized that they had a ton in common (he was a high school English teacher that had just graduated from Ohio State – the exact same path I was walking). As we got to talking we decided to continue talking through Facebook. Oh Facebook.

The next morning I was on her way home from church and received a sweet email from Martin entitled “What are the odds?”:

“I realized walking out last night that you are the first person to ever apologize for something like that. That means (3yrs x 50wks x 4days x at least 4 people per shift who could apologize for something) you are one in 2400 from the start. That on top of the odds that you are an English teacher from my exact educational track… I would figure it out, but it’s a really big number and I’m an English teacher (with a ton of prep to do right now). Happy Belated Birthday and congrats on being an anomaly.”

Both Marty and I were at the right place, at the right time. So clearly God orchestrated… 🙂

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