our engagement story.

Marty and I spent a magical time in Chicago over the July 15th weekend.

After a day full of yummy Chicago pizza, great sights, hoppy beer, romantic strolls and perfect company – who knew the day would end in an engagement.

The evening began with the two of us strolling along the beach while watching the sunset over the city. It was then when we decided to ride the Ferris Wheel again (the city lights looked awesome from the pier).

Afterwards we headed back to the W hotel where we decided to have a drink at the top floor bar (before having to leave for ‘something’ at 9:55).

Ealier in the day, Marty mentioned that we had to catch a taxi at 9:55 – he had a surprise planned for her that evening. As we finished our wine while looking down over the city – 9:55 quickly approached.

Marty said that we had to get going and as we got into the elevator (expecting to catch a taxi), Marty didn’t hit the ground floor, rather he took me to a balcony that overlooked the lake and Navy Pier.

I was unsure of what was going on and asked why we were there – “We’re waiting for something” Marty said.

As we looked out over the lake, Marty began a romantic speech and then suddenly got down on one knee.

My answer was yes, of course – and within a couple of minutes, fireworks went off at Navy Pier.

The moment couldn’t have been more romantic – however, the night wasn’t over. We quickly caught a cab and headed to a comedy show at Second City.

What better way to end a perfect day than to laugh with your future spouse for hours into the night.

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