A New Blog?

As of lately, I’ve really wanted to start a blog. I guess I should rephrase that (as I do have two or three other blogs – a book blog, a bucket list blog and a mission trip blog): I want to start a blog that focuses on my daily life – my daily findings, workings, ramblings, etc.

It doesn’t go to say that the other three aren’t worthwhile; I’ve just never shared them with anyone before.

I want this blog to be an outlet for my creativity. I feel that I’ve been confined to the limits of my professors and this site will assist in freeing my creative side.

For awhile now, I’ve randomly stumbled upon cooking blogs, photography blogs, home blogs, baby blogs – why not create one of my own? I’ve seen so many posts and think to myself ‘Hey – that’s similar to what I like; I want to share that with someone’ but I’ve never taken the time to sit and post. It seemed, dare I say, a bit narcissistic – but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just the opposite.

I LOVE reading my friends blogs – seeing what they’re up to and into. More often than not, it provides us with a similar interest we never knew beforehand.

I guess my point in all this is simply: I want to create a new blog. A fun blog. A blog of things I cook. A blog of Marty and I.A blog of church.  A blog of friends. A blog for me. A blog of my life.

No one has to like it or even read it but I’m excited and feel like it’ll be a ‘journal’ of my daily happenings.

Stayed tuned…

What do you have to say about this post? Any thoughts? Comments?

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