Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Book Covers

Alright, so it’s not Tuesday, it’s Friday – I got behind this week. Anyways, my friend Erin and I decided to do a “Top Ten Tuesday” book list for our blogs. The basic concept is we will each take turns posting our “Top Ten” books for a specific category of our choice. Make sense? If it doesn’t, I’m sure you’ll catch on.

This week, I decided to do my “Top Ten Favorite Book Covers”. Granted, I’m sure I could pick more than ten – and I’m sure that throughout my life, I’ll look back at this list and cringe at some of my choices; however, at this point in my life, the following covers are my “Top Ten Favorite Book Covers”. (Disclaimer: This list is in no specific order- that’d be too difficult).

Diane’s “Top Ten Favorite Book Covers”

1.) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close:
Loved this book and I love the cover just as much.

2.) The Bell Jar:
I am about half way through this book and I’ve enjoyed it so far. Fun Fact: I Actually picked the book up because of its cover (that, and I find Sylvia Plath to be really fascinating).

3.) Catch 22:
Oh Joseph Heller, how I envy you – not only because you wrote Catch-22 but, also because my boyfriend loves you more than me for brilliantly writing it. I’ve yet to read this novel (it’s on my list) but I absolutely love the cover.

4.) Coraline:
This book cover is just as creepy as the book. One of my FAVORITES by the way.

5.) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time:
I have yet to read this book (actually,I may start it this week) but I own it and I love the cover!

6.) Never Let Me Go:
I find the girl on this cover to be so alluring. I’ve not yet read this book but the cover makes me want to.

7.) Persepolis:
I love the artwork on the cover and throughout this book.

8.) American Psycho:
I’m not sure why exactly I like this book cover? I thought the book was absolutely horrifying (I actually didn’t finish).Nonetheless, I like the cover.

9.) Wicked:
Charming cover art.

10.) A Clockwork Orange:
Such a strange book. The cover fits perfectly.

One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Book Covers

  1. >Love your choices and now I have more books to add to my to-read list! 🙂 Plus, you are not late.. .you've got me beat. I was going to put mine on tomorrow. So, actually, you can call yourself early if you want. lol

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